Report: Patriots Linked To 3-Time Pro-Bowler in Potential Blockbuster Trade

The New England Patriots can add more players to their receiving unit, and it looks like the team is ready to get a superstar through a blockbuster trade.

Latest rumors suggest that the Pats may try to get Cleveland Browns superstar Odell Beckham Jr. There are a lot of stories related to this possibility.

Mike Francesa from WFAN reported that the 27-year-old receiver is available for a good offer. Will NFL teams make the best offer for Odell? Odell was the second prominent NFL wideout to have his name mentioned in trade rumors. Chicago Bears receiver Allen Robinson cut the online ties with his team. His frustration grows bigger every day because the Bears don’t seem to be offering him a contract extension.

Patriots cap expert Miguel Bexan discussed the possibility on Tuesday. New England has great chance to get Odell or Robinson. Their cap space looks pretty good at the moment.

The Patriots may agree to a blockbuster trade for Odell

New England needs a playmaker at receiver and also has the money to get a good player. Signing Odell or Robinson doesn’t seem like a joke at this point.

If the Patriots trade for Odell, Cleveland will ask for draft assets to rebuild their team. Browns players didn’t really have luck in their Week 1 contest against the Baltimore Ravens. Head coach Bill Belichick and his team may lose a second and fifth-round pick to sign Beckham. Maybe they will need another middle-round draft with Cleveland agreeing to give back a fifth through seventh-round pick.

Odell is in excellent shape. Analysts believe he is in his physical primetime. The talented wideout has eclipsed 1,000 yards receiving in all but one of his playing years. In 2017, he sustained an injury and played just four games for the New York Giants. Odell has great playmaking ability, but his impact on team chemistry may be an issue. He has acquired a negative perception with media members, coaches, and personnel. Is Bill Belichick worried about this? Not really. The team has already done business with troubled players. They gave Antonio Brown a chance. Moreover, Cam Newton has an excellent relationship with Odell.