Reported Details of Nasty Bill Belichick Encounter With ESPN’s Tom Jackson

Bill Belichick will be remembered as one of the greatest coaches in NFL history. He led the New England Patriots to six Super Bowl wins and built the strongest dynasty in the world of football. One particular story has been making headlines for quite some time and it includes a nasty encounter between the brilliant Bill Belichick and ESPN’s Tom Jackson.

It happened in 2003. The New England Patriots entered the season coming off a 9-7 season. The team missed the playoffs in 2002 and it was a motivation for Belichick’s team to do better. Ahead of Week 1 against the Buffalo Bills, coach Belichick released safety Milloy. What did Milloy do? He signed with the Bills. Milloy helped the Bills slam the Patriots 31-0, and a lot of people talked about Belichick’s roster move. That’s when Jackson showed up and said that Patriots players hate their coach.

Jackson learns his lesson after the nasty encounter with Bill Belichick

When asked about the comments a few days later, Belichick provided no response. According to safety Rodney Harrison, Jackson’s comments were “one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.” The Patriots finished the season with a 17-1 record, won the AFC Divisional game, the AFC title game and brought home the Lombardi Trophy.

Belichick remembered Jackson’s comments and held on to that grudge when ESPN asked to interview him. The Patriots head coach turned down each and every request.

One day, Chris Berman personally contacted Belichick, and the head coach couldn’t say no to an old friend. They walked across Reliant Field towards ESPN’s stage, and Jackson was on set. Belichick approached and Jackson extended his hand to greet. Coach B glared at him and you know the rest. Jackson had to walk off and Belichick sat for one-on-one with Berman.

This story will make headlines in many decades. That’s just Belichick. That’s how he does things.

Belichick and his new quarterback Cam Newton will start off the regular season with a game against the Miami Dolphins. They have a tough schedule and the head coach is an optimist.