Skip Bayless Surprisingly Decided to Praise LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James doesn’t really get praise from his critics. He was nominated for the 2020 NBA MVP award, but Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo took it. LeBron’s critics were really happy to see Giannis snatch the award from his hands. But, one critic had words of praise for LeBron. Can you imagine Skip Bayless pouring words of praise over LeBron? Not in this world, right? Well, Bayless did that.

Bayless took to social media to share his take on the NBA MVP award. According to him, LeBron should have won it over the Greek Freak. King James finished second for the fourth in his career after Giannis won it for the second straight season. Giannis led his Bucks to the best record in the NBA.

Skip Bayless has a good reason to praise LeBron

LeBron had an impressive 17th NBA season. He is in his second year with the Los Angeles Lakers. Giannis and his Bucks were eliminated from the playoffs. LeBron and his Lakers made the Western Conference Finals for the first time in a decade. The Los Angeles Lakers have a real chance to make the NBA Finals and even win a championship.

LA made the top of the West for the first time in a decade while LeBron led the NBA with 10.2 assists. Nothing beats the fact that LeBron played at an MVP level. He was the perfect candidate for the MVP award this season.

Bayless made a short statement but he is definitely making headlines. It’s always impressive to see something positive come out of Bayless. He is usually filled with criticism for the NBA greats.

LeBron may have lost the chance to win the MVP award, but he doesn’t pay much attention to that. He is more focused on winning his fourth championship win. LA plays against the Denver Nuggets in the WFC and they are doing a really good job. Lakers big man Anthony Davis came to the rescue in Game 2, and the Lakers have a 2-0 lead at the moment.