Watch: Alex Caruso With Epic Alley Oop to LeBron James

Alex Caruso has earned the respect of many NBA fans in the past few months, and this alley oop will sure boost his army. Caruso may not look like a superstar, but he can pull off some really amazing plays.

Caruso and his teammates are playing against the Houston Rockets and things look really good right now. LeBron James likes Caruso and his style, and it seems like they have built an incredible chemistry on the floor

Lakers players have nothing but words of praise for Caruso. NBA analysts have great predictions for his game. Caruso didn’t attract the nation’s attention until his junior year in high school. That’s when things changed. Caruso became a star.

“He was dunking on everybody,” recalls Richard Law. “I called all the coaches that I knew, and Max Ivany [the club’s founder] called up all the coaches that he knew, and before we knew it, it all evolved to where he picked up his recruiting.”

Law coached Caruso with the D1 Ambassadors.

Alex Caruso surprises doubters with his alley oop

If you ask former A&M player Logan Lee, he will say that Caruso is the worst ball boy in the US. Well, he also says that Caruso is the only ball boy who never made a wrong pass.

Caruso inked a two-way contract with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2017. He has been playing with the team since. The talented player has been switching between the G-League’s South Bay Lakers and the NBA’s second most-decorated team.

It looks like Caruso is ready to do his best to become an NBA star. He has established himself as a fan favorite thanks to his incredible dunks.

The Lakers are playing the Rockets in the second round. They lost Game 1 and it was a painful loss for the team. LeBron struggled with his groin injury but he suited up for Game 2. LA has to try really hard to meet the expectations and justify their nickname. They clinched the top seed in the West and this is just the beginning of their long journey.