Watch: Best Sights & Sounds From Patriots Week 1 Win Over Dolphins

There were some pretty good sights and sounds in the New England Patriots versus the Miami Dolphins game in Week 1. The Patriots are still trying to figure out the team identity which is much more difficult than it sounds.

They were able to take the victory in week one in their game against the Miami Dolphins. Obviously, the Dolphins are not the cream of the crop when it comes to NFL teams.

But still, the Patriots proved that they are able to come out on top and it was thanks to the play of Cam Newton. Newton was signed to a one year contract with the Patriots over the off season.

This was huge due to the legendary quarterback Tom Brady leaving. He left to go to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay lost in week 1 against the New Orleans Saints.

Watch: Best Sights & Sounds From Patriots Week 1 Win Over Dolphins

Going into the 2020 season, it was completely normal for fans to wonder about Cam Newton and what he could bring to the table. And what we have seen so far, it seems very fair to assume that the Patriots are one of the best in the AFC East.

We can see the confidence on the field on Sunday. Cam Newton played his first game. He made it known that he was not going to back down at any point. Take a look at the sights and sounds that happened on Sunday afternoon.

Newton played just about as good as he could have in the season openher. There were many questions surrounding his play and he proved himself. He was the most impactful with his legs, rushing to 2 touchdowns on Sunday afternoon. It was obviously that he came out with something to prove.

It has been a lot more difficult for teams to get used to the season this year. There was no crowd noise for the Patriots to feed off in week 1 and it will not change anytime soon.

What do you think about what Cam brought to the field in week 1 against Miami?