Watch: LeBron James Drives Over Westbrook and Harden For Incredible Dunk

The Los Angeles Lakers entered Game 5 with a healthy 3-1 lead. Winning this game would send the team straight to the Western Conference Finals. Lakers players are ready to give their best, and LeBron James pulled out a good dunk to warn his opponents.

The Lakers have an excellent defense. This advantage helped the team limit Houston to 39 points in the second half of Game 3. LA limited the Rockets to 41 in the first half of Game 4.

A good defense requires five Lakers players to be on a string. Houston has a unique offense, but LA has found a way to shut them down. NBA analysts are impressed with the Lakers. Markieff Morris hasn’t played with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Danny Green at all. This didn’t change their productivity and Lakers head coach Frank Vogel has created the perfect rotations. LA players have done a terrific effort and their versatility is incredible.

LeBron James and his teammates dunk for a championship win

LeBron’s team has two bench players that come in and contribute to the defense. Kyle Kuzma and Alex Caruso have played really well on the field. The Lakers lineup has all the benefits of being small while still being gigantic.

Caruso is amazing. His defense is great and he attacks rivals in a hilarious way. The fan-favorite is great off the basketball. When it comes to the offense, Caruso cuts to the hoop at the right moment. The young star sets screens at good times to make shots for his teammates. Caruso rotates to the perfect spot on the perimeter or cuts to the rum to get open shots when the defense is focused on LeBron. His 15.0 net rating ranks second amongst all players in the postseason. In other words, the Lakers are 15 points better per 100 possessions when Caruso is on the floor.

Caruso scored 16 points in Game 4, and he is averaging 9.3 points on 58.3% shooting and 45.0% from 3 after going 5.4 points on 38.1% FG’s and 20.0% threes against the Portland Trail Blazers.