Watch: LeBron James Hits Deep Shot Sitting Down Pregame, Dances to Travis Scott

The Los Angeles Lakers won Game 3 of the series against the Houston Rockets. LA players are more than motivated to win the next few games. LeBron James delivered a deep shot to warn rivals and announce his next move. He is winning a championship. The Western Conference semifinals are definitely making headlines. Game 4 is of utmost importance for both teams as it sets up the tone for Game 5.

King James drilled a deep jumper while sitting down during pregame shootaround and it was hilarious. He is the king of the game. It was a big success for the four-time NBA champion so he danced to Travis Scott’s “Highest In The Room.” Does LeBron know that Scott is actually a fan of the Rockets? That’s our guess. He is a Houston native after all.

LeBron James warns Houston with a deep shot

The Lakers hope to take a 3-1 lead over Houston and they will use one of these shots in Game 4. LeBron has to give his best and play his best basketball. He is going after a title and we love his playoff mode.

LeBron had a dominant game in the first half and he gave th eLakers a healthy lead. Thursday is a big day for his team and the king better put up a show.

He played well on both the offensive and defensive end of the court in Game 3 and that’s the least he can do tonight. The Lakers rely on his experience and skillset. LeBron is the greatest of all time and LA will definitely need another 30+ night.

Anthony Davis is feeling great and so is Rajon Rondo. LeBron had great words for Rondo and his incredible performance. He sets up great plays for his teammates and LeBron likes that. LA players have to stay healthy to make the big game and hopefully, win the championship.

LeBron suffered a calf injury in Game 3. He needs to take good care of his legs. A major injury will shut down the Lakers’ chances to win the championship.