Bills Coach Sean McDermott Releases Statement on Cam Newton Ahead of Week 8 Game

The head coach of the Buffalo Bills Sean McDermott has released a statement on Cam Newton ahead of their Week 8 game vs the Patirots. The Patriots are very much in a struggle right now. It has not been pretty to watch. They have some massive holes on the offensive side of the ball that need to be looked at.

But Cam Newton was supposed to be a bright spot of that offense. The first few weeks of the season he looked very impressive. But since then, he has struggled to get the ball to open receivers.

Bills coach Sean McDermott has come out with a statement on Cam Newton.

“He’s certainly a great player and I think people don’t know who he is off the field and they always wonder,” McDermott told reporters Wednesday. “Cam and I, our relationship goes back a long time and he is a real joy to be around and a pleasure of a man just in terms of the way he handles himself with all the attention he’s gotten over the years. He was always very respectful and kind to me and my family and I’ll never forget that.”

Bills Coach Sean McDermott Releases Statement on Cam Newton Ahead of Week 8 Game

“I thought it would be a good marriage,” McDermott said. “Cam has been to the promised land in terms of what we can accomplish in this business and in terms of his level of play. With the coaching staff they have there, I figured it would be a very good marriage.”

“They’re well-coached, starting with Josh McDaniels,” McDermott said. “I have a lot of respect for Josh and what he’s done over the years and his body of work. They’ve shown an ability to run the ball, they’ve shown an ability to throw the ball. Certainly, Cam’s been involved in both. Cam’s a dynamic player … he gets the ball to his weapons. So, they’re a challenge to handle because of all the different things they do in the screen game and the gadgets, as well.”

“He’s a good player, we have a lot of respect for him and he’s the former MVP of the league for a reason,” McDermott said. “We know full well what he’s capable of.”

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