Cam Newton Has Different Name For Julian Edelman’s ‘Vet Days’ At Practice

Cam Newton has been having some fun with his name for Julian Edelman’s Vet Days at practice. The New England Patriots have looked pretty good so far this season. They are heading into week 4 with a 2-1 record with the loss coming from the Seattle Seahawks. The team is also coming off a very impressive victory against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Cam Newton is a big reason for the success. He and the offense have been playing very well and a lot better than last season. The 2019 season was pretty disappointing for the team as the offense struggled very much. Luckily, this season looks a lot better than a rebuilding year.

Bill Belichick has talked about what he has seen from Newton in training camp in the past. Everything points to him being very impressive in all sorts of areas.

Cam Newton Has Different Name For Julian Edelman’s ‘Vet Days’ At Practice

One of the areas where Newton has been very vocal is with his teammates. And one of those teammates in particular is Julian Edelman. Newton has an interesting name for Julian Edleman’s Vet Days.

“We have our ways, and you’ve still gotta be a pro,” Newton said. “It’s no different. You call it vet days. You call it smart days. You call it whatever you wanna call it. We understand that Julian Edelman is still a dominant player in this league. As we kinda keep getting to know each other, that’s still a person that I admire from afar. And even up close. For him to have that work ethic and for people to know what to expect from him day in and day out, he’s set that bar extremely high and he lives up to it each and every day from the way he’s gotta take care of his body as well as the way he practices.”

“Of course. I would think so, Newton said. “But like at the end of the day we’re still professionals, and yet through it all for our relationship to be what it is, it also helps the Doughboys (N’Keal Harry). It also helps Damiere (Byrd). It also helps Jakobi (Meyers). It also helps Gunner (Olszewski). Because a lot of times we may not have a day together but when he does come back we do make up for it in many ways than one.”