Coach Bill Belichick Hints At Key Matchup Ahead Of Patriots vs Chiefs Game

The New England Patriots are playing against Kansas City Chiefs in Week 4. They will enter the game against the defending Super Bowl champions with a 2-1 record. Playing against Kansas City won’t be easy, and the Patriots didn’t reveal much about their strategy. But, head coach Bill Belichick provided some details on one potential matchup for the Patriots vs Chiefs game.

Kansas City has some really great offensive weapons. However, one particular player stands out. Patriots players and coaches can’t afford to lose track of superstar wideout Tyreek Hill. The talented veteran is one of the fastest players in the NFL, and Belichick knows that really well.

In his first game against Belichick’s team in 2017, Hill could catch seven passes for 133 yards and one touchdown. He was even better in the 2018 rematch. Hill caught seven passes for 142 yards and three scores.

In the 2018 AFC Championship game, New England limited the veteran. They may use the same tactics on Sunday.

Belichick provides a hint on Hill’s strategy for Patriots vs Chiefs game

Head coach Belichick suggested that Jonathan Jones will cover Hill for the weekend.

“To have a fast (defensive) player inside is a big advantage,” Belichick said in his video conference with media members. “A lot of the (receivers) that play in the slot now are, I would say, becoming more in the mold of — obviously, Tyreek Hill is elite, but there are a lot of faster players that are now getting played in the slot. As opposed to maybe a few years back, a lot of players inside were, I’d say, more possession receivers, guys that worked more in the short to intermediate zones.

“But when you get a guy like Hill in there that can take the top off of a defense from in the slot, that really changes your defense and changes the passing game offensively dramatically. So to be able to not have to substitute, to be able to play the same guy in there regardless of who they put in that position, is a huge advantage for us, and all the versatile things that Jon can do are very valuable.”

Jones gets a lot of safety help from Devin McCourty. He could blank Hill in the AFC title game. Hill had just one catch in that game and it was a 42-yarder.

When the Patriots met Kansas City in December, Jones allowed five catches on seven targets for 54 yards against Hill and a 48-yard score to Mecole Hardman. Hill finished the rematch with 62 receiving yards.