Dwight Howard Addresses on Moments of Depression in the NBA Bubble

Dwight Howard and many NBA players have discussed their depression episodes and other issues inside the Orlando bubble. Many players would agree that mental health is one of the biggest problems players face in the bubble. Howard opened about his episodes and said he had fallen victim to his struggle.

NBA players are away from their families, and that may be the biggest issue in the isolated campus. Players were unable to see their families for quite some time and that’s really frustrating.

“For myself, there has been times where I was depressed about just having to be in the bubble, not being able to see my family, my kids,” Howard said. “So it could be very difficult, so I just tried to find a way to escape mentally by doing a lot of reading, getting out and walking, talking to a lot of the people who work for the NBA who are here and experiencing the bubble as well. So just trying to just share my experiences with them and to listen to their experiences and find hope within each other.”

Dwight Howard and other players share the same problem with depression

Howard opened up about his personal struggles. This may have been a taboo topic in the past, but people have changed their approach now. The number of individuals who are willing to speak about this is on the rise.

Depression is a serious thing and being stuck in one place must feel frustrating at some point. But, players came to Orlando to win a title, so that makes things easier for everyone.

Howard has an important role in the Lakers’ postseason run. Well, the team didn’t get the chance to see his MVP performance, but Howard is doing an excellent job in his reduced role for the Lakers.

Lakers players won Game 1 of the NBA Finals, defeating Miami in style. Maybe Heat players will change their approach in Game 2, but we can’t really say much about this. The Los Angeles Lakers are determined to win their championship. LeBron James and Anthony Davis lead the team to the top, so everything will be fine.