Hall of Famer Says LeBron James is More Skilled Than Michael Jordan

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has earned his spot in the Hall of Fame. He has had a great performance in his professional career. LeBron’s numbers do the speaking instead of him. He is not someone who’d brag around about his success. Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas is here to praise LeBron and his achievements in the NBA.

Many would say that LeBron is better than Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan. Thomas is one of them. Jordan has six titles, but LeBron has been leading in almost every other category.

Thomas is one of the many rivals Jordan had. However, this is not the reason he has to praise LeBron. Thomas separated the skills of LeBron and Jordan and made a clear statement.

“When I take away the genetic gifts and look at basketball playing ability, who is the better basketball player if you don’t have the genetic freakiness with it? I look at all those guys who are similar in size,” the Hall of Famer said. “LeBron, Jordan, Magic, they all have the genetic gift of size. But Jordan had the genetic jumping ability. LeBron has a genetic jumping ability, but if I take away those gifts and say just who is the better basketball player all-around? There is no comparison.”

The Hall of Famer is right about LeBron

Some would say that Thomas’ opinion is biased. Most NBA fans and analysts won’t agree on this one. LeBron is the most athletic player in league history. Jordan was an athletic player and he had great skills.

King James is chasing the ghost of Chicago. He has lost six finals, but his numbers are too good to be ignored. LeBron is about to win his fourth title. If he loses this chance, he will sure attract the attention of his doubters.

To be honest, LeBron has the best passing skills. The three-time NBA champion is here to boost his numbers, and he will definitely do that with style. Let’s see what happens in the NBA Finals. LA is 3-2 at this point of the series.