James White Shares Update On Mother’s Health After Crash

New England Patriots running back James White went through a nightmare in October after losing his father in a car crash and taking care of his injured mother. The veteran provided an update on his mother’s condition and fans are relieved.

According to White, his mother, Lisa, recovers really well. This is more than great news for fans who prayed for the White family.

“Everybody (back home) in Florida’s doing better,” White said in his most recent video conference. “My mom’s doing better, as well. She’s progressing physically. Obviously, a lot going on in her mind and things of that nature, but she’s continued to progress. I’m just trying to be there for her. Obviously, it’s a tough situation. She’s just trying to wrap her mind around everything still. Kind of a lot going on, but I’m just trying to be there for her and my family, as well.”

White spent some time with his family in South Florida. He missed two regular-season games and joined the team in Week 4. It was a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Patriots veteran is in New England now, but he contacts his mother all the time to make sure she feels fine.

“Obviously, I’m kind of far away, but just trying to be in contact with as much family as possible to keep them up to date and just let them know I’m there for them,” the running back said. ” … Just check in, let her see her grandkids on FaceTime, things of that nature. Just maybe get her mind off things a little bit. Keep it a little bit more normal for her.”

James White got a lot of support from his teammates following the crash

White joined his teammates in each of the last three games. Head coach Bill Belichick used him sparingly in Sunday’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers. White played just 10 offensive snaps after missing two practices due to non-injury-related reasons.

Reporters asked the Patriots captain whether it’s hard for him to focus on the game. White doesn’t take anything lightly and he appreciates the opportunity he was given. He knows that a lot of players would give their best to be in his place. White loves playing in the league and he tries to make “the most of the opportunities” he gets.

White respects his teammates and all the talent they bring on the field. Patriots players stick together on and off the field. White’s teammates have helped him go through the whole thing. He keeps pushing forward and does his best to help his team.

New England will visit the Buffalo Bills in Week 8. White was listed as a full participant in Wednesday’s session.