Kobe and Gianna Bryant Eerly Predicted Lakers Championship in 2020

Kobe and Gianna Bryant predicted a win for the Los Angeles Lakers before losing their lives in a tragic helicopter accident earlier this year. The Lakers won the 17th title in team history without the Black Mamba and his Mambacita in the stands, but Rob Pelinka is here to share an amazing story.

According to the Lakers vice president and general manager, Kobe and Gigi were right about the game LA players had in the NBA Finals. Let’s not forget that Pelinka and Kobe were really great friends. Pelinka was also his agent and godfather to GIgi.

“I remember Gigi looked at me and she said ‘Uncle Rob,’ — She calls me Uncle P because of my last name — she says ‘Uncle P, I’m watching this game, and I’m looking around … You guys are going to win the title this year,’” Pelinka said on The Woj Pod.

Kobe and Gianna Bryant made a good point

Gigi wasn’t just a Lakers fan. She made a prediction using advanced basketball analysis. The little girl was right.

“I said ‘Gigi, why do you think that?’ She goes ‘your defensive size and length and athleticism. In the playoffs, it’s tough to make threes, and the rim gets smaller and guys feel the pressure, and just your size, and ability to cover space and take away the rim… teams aren’t going to be able to score on you. You guys are going to win the championship.’”

The talented girl knew what she was talking about. She learned so much from her dad. Kobe was a master of playoff basketball and Gianna was definitely following his footsteps.

“That’s kind of exactly what happened.” Pelinka added. “If you think about Game 6, Miami just couldn’t score in the first half, and our defense is what carried us.”

Kobe encouraged Pelinka to take the challenge

Pelinka accepted a big challenge and Kobe encouraged him to accept the challenge and do his thing.

“I remember him looking me in the eye and saying ‘Hey, I know how you work. Know how locked in you are. I know you’re a chess player. I think you’ll have the Lakers back winning a championship in two to three years,’ Pelinka said.

“And I said ‘you’ve got to be crazy.’ We have no cap room, we had just signed a couple free agents — the previous front office — and we didn’t have any cap room … I looked at him like ‘you’re crazy, but I’ll put in the work to do it.’”

The Los Angeles Lakers won the first title in a decade. This is actually the first title since Kobe’s success with the team. He would have been really proud of his Lakers team. LeBron James, Anthony Davis and the rest of the players on the Lakers roster will continue his legacy. NBA players honored Kobe in so many ways, and the tributes won’t stop here. LA won a title in honor of the Black Mamba. This is the most important title in team history.