Lakers’ VP Reveals LeBron James’ Expectations and Demands From the Team

The Los Angeles Lakers Vice President reveals LeBron James expectations and demands from the team and front office. The Los Angeles Lakers have been great this year and should also be one of the favorites going into next season. But will it be enough to win another title? Well, obviously we will have to wait and see. The Lakers are still celebrating this year’s title and for good reason. It was great to see.

This season was a bit of a mess all around, however. With everything that has gone on, it was a wonder that the NBA was able to restart at all. But eventually they were. And LeBron talked about how bizarre it was to play in a sort of bubble. Take a look.

“I am here for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to compete for a championship,” James said. “That was my mindset once I entered the bubble, once I entered the quarantine process the first two days. And then right from my first practice my mindset was to, if I’m going to be here, make the most of it and see what you can do and lock in on what the main thing is. And the main thing was for us to finish the season and compete for a championship.”

Lakers’ VP Reveals LeBron James’ Expectations and Demands From the Team

But Lakers VP Rob Pelinka is very proud. Take a look at what he has said about what they are trying to do.

“His expectations are that everybody around him wants to work as hard and be as good at what they do as he is. And if he sees that lived out through actions, we’ve all heard him say, it’s not about the talk, it’s about the walk. And so if he sees an owner committed to that, a general manager committed to that, a teammate committed to that, a coach committed to that, he continues to do just what he does and that’s what we’ve seen in LA.

“He’s been incredibly supportive, and as long as he sees that commitment to hard work and excellence, he’s gonna just continue to focus on his craft leading the team. That set the tone for all of us.”

He went on, “We were getting ready to play the Heat in Game 6… LeBron stepped up and said ‘I’m taking him [Jimmy Butler] for Game 6’ and Rondo said ‘this particular championship is gonna be won with defense and Bron if you’re not in the game, not on him, I am. I am not gonna let him get comfortable’.

“Just having that mindset that LeBron has of doing what it takes to be the best, I think permeates through the whole team and organization.”