LeBron James Drops Hint To Anthony Davis About His Future With The Lakers

LeBron James and Anthony Davis helped the Los Angeles Lakers win the 2020 NBA title, and they may play on the same team in the future. These two make the perfect duo in the NBA, and players on opposing teams had no chance against them. In Game 6 of the NBA Finals, LeBron hit his 11th career Finals triple-double and Davis was on top of the defense that held Miami to 96 points. It was impressive in every meaning of the word.

Players had plenty of time to rest, but LeBron is already thinking of the future. According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, LeBron told the Lakers big man that they have got more work to do. This short convo happened during the locker room celebration.

LeBron is definitely coming back, but Davis has a player option for the upcoming season. He will probably opt of it, and pretty much everyone believes that Davis will re-sign with the team. If he stays in LA, the team has a good chance to win a few more rings.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis to share the same future in LA

King James really wanted to have Davis on the roster. He supported the idea of bringing him in LA. These two built an instant friendship and their chemistry led the team to the top of the West.

So, what makes their friendship so amazing?

“I can’t really explain it,” the four-time NBA champion said. “There’s just certain things you just know. And any type of relationship, you kind of just feel, you know that vibe. You have that respect. You have that drive. Sometimes you can’t explain what links you with somebody, and then it’s that organic. Sometimes you don’t even try to explain it. You guys ask me about my relationship with A.D., the first thing I think about is the respect, the no ego, the challenging each other. We want each other to be better than actually ourselves. I want A.D. to be better than me. A.D. wants me to be better than him. Every single night, every single day. And we challenge ourselves. I think that’s a part of it.”

Lakers fans hope to see Davis wearing purple and gold in 2020-21. LA will need his size, skills and talent to win games.