LeBron James Has 2-Word Response to Rachel Nichols

The Los Angeles Lakers finished Game 2 of the NBA Finals with a win, and the team is two games away from the championship. Lakers superstar LeBron James talked to Rachel Nichols from ESPN following the big victory. Nichols asked the three-time NBA champion about his conversation with Anthony Davis. As you may be guessing, LeBron was not in the mood to share any private information.

From what we can see, LeBron did make an effort to keep his post-game convo with Davis private. He covered his mouth with a towel. There are many lip-readers out there, you know. LeBron and Davis kept the information to themselves, and Nichols couldn’t get a thing.

LeBron James didn’t share any details with Rachel Nichols

Fans and doubters shouldn’t waste any time making guesses. LeBron and his best teammate will keep the words to their chest. One thing stands for sure. These two are determined to win a title this season and that’s the only thing that matters.

LA has a 124-114 win on Friday and they will have the next game on Sunday. If the Lakers win, this would be the 18th title in the team history. It’s No.4 for the king of basketball.

One of the biggest topics is definitely the winner of the Finals MVP award. LeBron and Davis are the top two candidates to snatch it. Both players have had an incredible performance in the playoffs. NBA teams were unable to find a response to the Lakers superstars.

Los Angeles is 2-0 at this point in the series, and players have a long way to go. But, LeBron is exactly where he wants to be and the same applies to Davis. The latter joined the Lakers to win a championship, and that’s actually his first title.

There are zero problems between LeBron and Davis. There’s no jealousy or competitiveness. These two are just trying to win this championship and help the Los Angeles Lakers stay on top. NBA fans are excited about Game 3 of the Finals, and Sunday is a big day for the Lakers nation.