LeBron James Was ‘Very Close’ to Leaving Walt Disney Bubble

LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers won the 2020 NBA Championship. But, just a few people know that LeBron was pretty close to leaving the NBA bubble.

It all started when the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted their first game against the Orlando Magic following the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.

The four-time NBA champion supported the Bucks and their decision to boycott games. Blake was the latest unarmed African-American to receive a bullet from the police. However, LeBron didn’t like the lack of planning.

NBA players could see LeBron leaving the bubble

Everything changed after he and NBPA president Chris Paul talked to former United States President Barack Obama.

“When the Milwaukee Bucks staged an impromptu walkout of their game against the Orlando Magic in response to the Jacob Blake shooting, James again spoke with friends and advisers late into the night,” Ramona Shelburne from ESPN reported. “He supported the Bucks and the cause, but the lack of planning and strategy was frustrating. Those close to him say now that James was very close to walking away from the season that night. What changed everything was when he and Paul got on the phone with former President Barack Obama. Before he was president or a senator, Obama was a community organizer. His words late that night drew on that experience: Get something for this. Push the NBA, push the owners, push society to do more.”

Players returned to the floor right after their tense meeting at Disney World.

LeBron and his teammates came together as a team. They shared the same opinion and the rest is history.

Lakers players ended up winning the championship. LA is tied with the Boston Celtics for the most titles in league history. LeBron and his teammates made this happen. NBA superstars used their popularity as a platform to protest against social injustice. They made a statement. Things couldn’t take a different turn this time.

Let’s hope that NBA players won’t be forced to do anything similar. LeBron supports the African-American community, helping then get involved in the community.