Metta World Peace Destroys Stephen A. Smith For LeBron James ‘Softest Era’ Rant

Stephen A. Smith said Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is playing in “the softest era we have ever seen in NBA basketball.” According to him, this removes LeBron from the GOAT debate. Well, many current and former NBA names agree that LeBron is the greatest player of all time. Metta World Peace took notice of Smith’s comments on LeBron and blasted the ESPN anchor.

World Peace took to his Twitter to share his thoughts. He defended King James and used some examples from his time on the floor.

“Lebron is not playing in the softest era,” World Peace wrote. “I was in his era. And we all know I could’ve easily played in that 80’s era. I know players that played in the era coming out the 90’s that didn’t want any real smoke. All you commentators and players , never call my era soft.

“1999 draft had one of the toughest players ever. I will not let you guys and girls call my era soft. I would’ve loved to play in an era where you can scrap. That’s the type of ball we like. I can name 100 tough players right now that couldn’t played in the ‘Let’s Scrap Era’

“Shout out to the old school . Love my OG’s. Definitely a tough group and trend setters. But I dedicate my career on being able to be accepted to play in the 80’s. Ok. I’m done ranting.”

Metta World Peace is right about LeBron

World Peace earned the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2004. He joined the All-Defensive First Team twice and the All-Defensive Second Team twice. Many would agree that he is one of the best defenders in league history. He liked to stir things up, and this brought him great success on the floor.

World Peace won a title with the Lakers a decade ago. He is convinced that his era shouldn’t be diminished just because today’s players rely more on their skill and finesse. Shooting is viewed as the most valuable asset these days.

LeBron didn’t come from today’s era. He has been part of the NBA for almost two decades. The three-time NBA champion is in his 17th season, and he still plays his best basketball. Today, LeBron dominates the floor like no other player.