Patriots Only Team To Hold Chiefs Without First-Half TD During Patrick Mahomes Era

The New England Patriots came to Arrowhead Stadium with great plans. The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, and Patriots players knew what was on their menu. But, truth is, the team played much better than most analysts would admit. It will be hard for doubters to accept that the Patriots are the only team to hold the Chiefs without a touchdown in the Patrick Mahomes era.

Cam Newton didn’t join his team due to his positive coronavirus test. Veteran journeyman Brian Hoyer stepped in as a replacement and second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham hit his first touchdown. He launched the ball straight in N’Keal Harry’s hands.

Kansas City led New England 6-3 at the break. However, Chiefs players didn’t hit a touchdown in the first couple of quarters.

Patriots hold Chiefs to their minimum

This has only happened three times, including the playoffs, for Kansas City since Patrick Mahomes became a starter. ESPN Stats & Info reveal that both instances happened against the New England Patriots.

Before Week 4, the previous two occasions happened in 2018. It was in Week 6 and the AFC Championship Game.

The Patriots defense wasn’t able to keep the same record in the second quarter of the game. The team lost the game to the defending Super Bowl Champions 26-10.

Let’s go back to Newton. He is asymptomatic, and if he doesn’t show any symptoms, he can join the team later this week. The Patriots need him and his running game and Josh McDaniels keeps some extra tricks for his rushing.

New England is 2-2 at this point of the regular season and things are getting really hot. Many thought that Belichick’s team wouldn’t be able to win more games. However, Newton is here to prove everyone wrong. He has to beat that coronavirus and then return to the field to help the Patriots win the next few games. New England has a chance to make the Super Bowl, and players better keep a steady pace. Newton will return soon, and he is bringing some good skills to the field.