Patriots Running Backs Coach Ivan Fears Has Big Plans For James White

The New England Patriots may be in a terrible situation right now, but things look really great for one particular player. According to Patriots running backs coach Ivan Fears, James White is definitely having a great future.

During Tuesday’s bi-monthly media availability for assistant coaches, Fears said White is one of the current Patriots players he could see stepping into coaching position after his career is over.

“No doubt about it. I could see James White back at Wisconsin as a head coach,” Fears said. “And Rex (Burkhead), yeah. I think those guys — they enjoy what they do. They’re really smart. They’re really good with people. I think they’re good with the press. I could see those guys, if they want to, taking that course. And Rex is really into training — personal training type things — no doubt I could see him, both of those guys being successful at it.”

Patriots need James White in 2020

These comments make perfect sense. White is a talented player and he knows a lot about the game. Fears can recognize a great player, and many former and current players will probably agree with him.

Fears was wide receivers coach with the Patriots from 1999 to 2001. He is working alongside one of his former players – assistant running backa coach/former Patriots wide receiver Troy Brown.

Fears may be right and NFL fans would agree that Brown could be an excellent head coach one day. For now, he will have to focus on the Patriots’ season. New England has some serious problems on the field, and the situation doesn’t look too good for the team. Head coach Bill Belichick and his team have lost three straight games and we all know what that means. Belichick has reached a low in his time with the Patriots. The struggle is real, and New England has to make some smart calculations. Cam Newton came to Foxboro to help the Patriots win games, but he is definitely a bit rusty. He is not the only player to struggle on the field. Let’s see how will the Patriots handle this situation.