Skip Bayless Makes Bold Remark on Pat Riley and LeBron James

Pat Riley and the Miami Heat didn’t have much luck against LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. Jimmy Butler couldn’t help his team stay on top. Most NBA analysts predicted 4-game domination for the Lakers. But, Heat players gave LA big trouble. It took six games for the Lakers to defeat Miami.

Players had plenty of time to rest, and analysts used the opportunity to comment the NBA Finals and every rumor related to it.

What would have happened if Miami didn’t lose Dragic and Adebayo in the first game. Riley made some awkward comments on this. According to him, Miami could have taken the Lakers to Game 7 if it weren’t for the terrible injuries.

Skip Bayless has something to say about this. What can we say, Bayless sure knows how to provide a shocking explanation.

“Pat Riley despises LeBron James,” Bayless said. “LeBron James left him high and dry as he said ‘I am going home’… He left Dwyane Wade high and dry because he thought Dwyane had dried up as a player… It wasn’t until 11th hour that he [LeBron James] suddenly drops the bombshell on Pat Riley, I am out…Pat Riley wanted this finals so bad that he could taste it like fine wine in Miami. He just says asterisk then he backtracks and said we will out the asterisk on our side, not on the Lakers… He wanted to hang it right on your forehead, a big ole asterisk.”

Pat Riley and LeBron James to meet again

Riley has already explained his words, but fans can’t stop talking about his chance to take revenge on the Lakers superstar for leaving Miami in 2014.

Dragic and Adebayo had important roles with the team. But, LeBron and Anthony Davis were reading the Lakers. In other words, Miami didn’t have a big chance to defeat Frank Vogel’s team.

LeBron and Davis had an incredible performance in the postseason. Miami had two wins over the Lakers, and Butler was brilliant, but LA was too much to handle.