Anthony Davis Reacts to Historically Short NBA Offseason

The Los Angeles Lakers will have the shortest offseason in team history. The team won the title a few weeks ago and they have to plan the upcoming season. It’s pretty difficult to focus on the first regular-season game. I mean, LA players returned home mid-October, and the NBA has agreed to start off the 2020-21 season on Dec. 22. How awful is that? Anthony Davis and many other players have similar thoughts on the short offseason.

Many superstars shared their take on the situation, and some of them opposed the idea of returning to the floor that early. LeBron James was one of the players to oppose the early start of the NBA season. According to Brian Windhorst, the four-time NBA champion changed his mind. LeBron supports the NBA and he is pretty interested in returning to the court on Christmas Day. Wonder why? It’s good for the business.

The NBA would lose a lot of money if players don’t return to the court in December. LeBron knows that, and he is all-in when it comes to fair play. How does Anthony Davis feel about this?

Davis needs more time to relax and celebrate his first championship win. The All-Star doesn’t really appreciate the decision NBA officials made. He is definitely not happy about the early start to the 2020-21 season.

Anthony Davis doesn’t like the short offseason

Davis’ name popped in the comments section on an ESPN post on Instagram. A short rest period? It doesn’t sit well with Davis.

The Lakers and Miami Heat will get less rest than any other team. Both teams played their best basketball in Orlando, but Jimmy Butler’s team lost the battle inside the bubble. The Denver Nuggets and Boston Celtics are having a quick turnaround too. These two teams made it to the Western and Eastern Conference finals.

Many other players share the same opinion as Davis. But, the decision has been made, and the NBA is well-prepared for the upcoming season. Will LeBron be cherry-picking games in the first half of the regular season? I don’t think so. He is too competitive to miss time on the field. Maybe head coach Frank Vogel will take a different approach on LeBron’s load management.