Anthony Davis Shoots Down Specific LeBron James Rumor

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James knows how to attract everyone’s attention, but he is not someone who deals with every single rumor that pops on social media. Some people don’t like the way he leads the world of basketball. Others are jealous of his off-court accomplishments. But, big fame comes with big criticism, right?

Lakers big man Anthony Davis joined the Los Angeles Lakers to win his first ring. He created an instant relationship with the king of basketball and won his first ring in the process. Davis got to know LeBron better, and he decided to clear out all the clouds hanging above his head in his appearance on Da Windy City podcast.

“People say he’s a selfish player, he wants to do his own thing, be the focal point and centerpiece,” Davis said. “But I didn’t get that vibe from him. He’s really a team player. He gets so upset when guys aren’t playing to their (full) abilities because he wants them to be great. So when he knows you can play better… that’s when he’ll really get on you. It’s been great. I didn’t really know that about him. He wants the best for every player 1 through 15 on the roster.”

Kevin Garnett agrees with Anthony Davis on the LeBron James rumor

King James is one of the best scorers in the NBA, but he led the league in assists this past season. The four-time NBA champion endorsed the pass-first mentality. Simple as that. LeBron will do his best to turn his teammates into better players.

In Game 5 of the NBA Finals, LeBron could do a game-winner. However, he passed the ball to Danny Green because he was in a better spot on the court. Things didn’t go according to the initial plan.

If you think that Davis is biased, wait until you read what Kevin Garnett said about LeBron. One of the team’s former rivals agrees with Davis.

“He’s the most unselfish player we’ve ever had,” Garnett said. “His superpower has always the ability to bring out the best in his teammates. The King has a real finesse of when to attack, when to be aggressive and when to play it safe.”