Bill Belichick Releases Blunt Statement On The Patriots Record

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is not someone who makes excuses. Some NFL coaches look at their record and come up with lousy excuses. Belichick has a completely different approach. The Patriots have a 4-6 record at this point of the season. They suffered a 27-20 loss in Week 11, and Deshaun Watson helped his team win the match. The Patriots struggled with too many injuries this season.

Veteran Cam Newton missed some time due to his struggle with COVID-19. Receivers suffered injuries and there were too many late-game missed opportunities.

According to NFL analysts, New England is better than the current record. What does coach Belichick say about this? The legendary coach appeared on OMF podcast Monday afternoon, and his blunt comment didn’t come as a surprise to NFL fans.

“Are we better than our record? Our record is our record.”

A typical Bill Belichick answer.

Patriots have the worst start in a decade

The Patriots haven’t had a 4-6 start in a decade. The team won two games in a row and many thought that players were getting back on track. Things don’t look too good right now. The loss to Houston destroyed New England’s chances to return to .500. Patriots fans are slightly disappointed right now.

The loss to Houston came despite Newton’s best performance in the season. The starting quarterback threw for 365 yards and a touchdown. However, the rest of the offense couldn’t do the right thing. New England was leaning on power running this season, but 86 total rushing yards won’t do the thing for the team.

Belichick and his struggling players will play against a stronger opponent next week. They will meet the Arizona Cardinals, a team with a 6-4 record on the season.

Rex Burkhead suffered a terrible knee injury in the game, and it seems like he won’t return to the field in the near future. Patriots players were devastated to see him lie on the ground for too long. Running back James White couldn’t hide his tears. Burkhead had a key role on the field, and now he is gone.