Cam Newton Addresses His Critics and Why He’s Still Optimistic About the Patriots’ Season

Cam Newton has addressed his critics and why he is still looking optimistically about the Patriots season. The Patriots definitely are not looking super impressive going further in the season. It has been pretty tough to watch at some points. And sadly, unless they are able to get their offensive woes out of the way, it might not be getting any better.

Bill Belichick talked about how the Patriots were trying to get back on track after the COVID situation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look much like they are getting any closer to solving the issues.

“Today’s an important day in our preparation for the Broncos,” Belichick said. “We’ve had several days now of virtual meetings between the staff members and from the staff to the players. We’ve been able to cover a lot of things, but we haven’t spent any time together, so today’s our opportunity to do that. We look forward to that. One thing that we’ve learned this year repeatedly has been we have to be ready to adjust and adapt to changes and modifications and the way we do things and, in some cases, decisions that really come down to a very short amount of time that we have to be ready to adjust to.”

“So we’re certainly taking things day by day — probably hour by hour would be more accurate. We’ll just see how we progress and then as we find out more on our end, or if there are other things externally that we can’t control that, then we’ll deal with those as they come. That’s the way it’s been all year. I think our team and our players have done a good job of handling those adjustments, and we’ll continue to do that.”

Cam Newton Addresses His Critics and Why He’s Still Optimistic About the Patriots’ Season

But Cam Newton is still optimistic. Take a look at what he said after the game.

“Listen, I’ve been one week at a time for the last four weeks,” said Newton after the 24-21 loss to the Bills on Sunday. “Just the vibe that you get in that locker room is we just need one, because going back and knowing this team as well as I do know this team, coming off of that Raiders win, I think everybody had a full head of steam and momentum. Then obviously what happened with COVID and everything like that, it’s just been a slippery slope, walking down a slippery aisle trying to regain your footing.”

“One thing I do know about this team is once we get that first one, that next one is almost, ‘OK, we remember how to win,” said Newton. “‘OK, we know how this feels. This is where situational football kicks in, let’s do a better job of doing this, that and the third.’”

“There’s no doubt in my mind that guys are taking the proper steps of focusing on each and every day, each and every rep, each and every practice that will inevitably lead to in-game success for one particular game,” said Newton. “We have a relatively young, but mature team that keeps everybody focused and in line with what the common goal is for that specific day and week.”

Do you agree with him?