Cam Newton Believes In Prophecy Of Bill Belichick

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton believes in the prophecy of head coach Bill Belichick. According to him, Belichick has already earned the right to get the top spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a head coach. Oh, let’s not forget that Newton also called Belichick “the football whisperer.”

Media members asked Newton if he has any other nicknames for the legendary coach. “Staples Easy Button,” “Buffalo Wild Wings,” and “The Football Whisperer” seem really fine, right? What does Newton say about this?

“Those weren’t nicknames,” the starting quarterback said with a big smile on his face. “That’s his reach, you know what I’m saying? As he says, I don’t want to get the number wrong, don’t quote me on this, but he always says, ‘I’ve been coaching this game a long time — 47-plus years.’ I scratch my head like, ’47 years?! Dang.’ He’s got a lot of connections in his Rolodex of numbers. I wouldn’t be surprised if God or Jesus (is) on one of those yellow pages he’s got tucked under his desk. I wouldn’t be surprised.”

The prophecy of Bill Belichick to impress NFL fans for a long time

The 68-year-old head coach became a head coach 45 years ago. He started off his coaching job with the Baltimore Ravens at 23. Belichick has always coached in the league, and he has actually never had a year off from his ultimate profession.

Belichick has had amazing success in his career. He has led the New England Patriots to the top of the league for two decades. The team has won six Super Bowls and former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been part of every win.

New England has Newton on the roster now, and he seems to be doing his job on the field. He had some struggles in the past few weeks, but the Patriots trust him enough to give him the starting position. Belichick likes his quarterback and he won’t change his mind regarding the position.

The Patriots are playing the Houston Texans on Sunday, and it will probably be another win for the team. This win would push the Patriots to .500.