ESPN Makes Bold Prediction For Ravens vs Patriots Primetime Game

The New England Patriots will have a difficult task Sunday night. Players will meet the Baltimore Ravens and it will be hard to confront a team that has just celebrated an amazing road win over the Indianapolis Colts. New England defeated the New York Jets in Week 9, but it was an expected win. ESPN made a bold prediction about the game between Bill Belichick’s Patriots and the Ravens.

This game can easily turn into a nightmare for the Patriots. The Ravens have a 6-2 record at this point of the season and they look really well. The Patriots are allowing the eighth most rushing yards per game. Baltimore is the best rushing team in the league with 170.1 yards per game.

ESPN makes a prediction on game between the Patriots and Ravens

Jamison Hensley from ESPN reported that Lamar Jackson and his teammates will probably defeat the Patriots on Sunday night.

“The Ravens will score over 40 points for the first time this season,” Hensley predicted. “During Baltimore’s 10-game road win streak, quarterback Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore offense have averaged more points (32.3) than anyone else away from home. New England, which gave up 37 points last season to the Ravens, has a banged-up defense working on a short week.”

It was a bold prediction, and Patriots fans won’t like any of it. The Patriots nation is optimistic about the game, and there’s still chance for Baltimore to lose this one.

The Ravens will play against the Patriots at Gillette Stadium. Players will be getting ready for the Tennessee Titans at their stadium next week. The Pittsburgh Steelers are next on their list.

Belichick is an optimist and this probably comes from his years of experience. This is his first season without Tom Brady and things don’t look too good for the team. The coronavirus pandemic makes things even more difficult for players. New England had a short outbreak in October. Quarterback Cam Newton and cornerback Stephon Gilmore tested positive for COVID-19. Let’s hope that things will take a better route. New England is out of the playoff picture at the moment.