Fan Pulls LeBron James’ Ultra Rare ‘Logoman’ Card, Gets Mind-Blowing Offers

Basketball cards have become quite a trend lately. Truth is, people have used these simple cards to do business. Remember the ultra rare LeBron James card? The 1-of-1 Logoman card of the king could sell for a high price.

Card collector Erick Mitchell is the owner of the incredible memorabilia. The card collector paid $70 for the rights of any Lakers card that would pop out from a random box of basketball cards. Guess what happened when LeBron’s card came out. Jaspy’s Case Breaks hosted the “live break” event. It’s a card shop in Hermosa Beach, CA.

The rare card was inside a very expensive box of Panini Immaculate Premium Edition cards. These are worth $2,500 a pop. Each of these boxes has six basketball cards. Mitchell paid $70 and his small investment turned out to be the biggest business decision he has ever made. This card collector got the surprise of his life that night.

Another ultra rare LeBron James card is on the way to hit the top

LeBron is one of the best basketball players to ever hit the court. Oh wait. He is the best basketball player of all time. That’s why his cards sell at such a high price. Believe it or not, there’s only one piece of this ultra-rare basketball card. It can easily sell for $100,000.

LeBron’s rookie card is the priciest basketball memorabilia someone bought. It was sold for $1.8 million. Baseball legend Honus Wagner had the record with his $3 million rookie card.

The king’s cards have gained great values throughout the years. LeBron has just won his fourth ring and he will probably win his fifth title in the upcoming 2020-21 season. King James helped the Lakers win the first title in decade. He is a valuable player and many young stars look up to him. The four-time NBA MVP is awesome on and off the court. His memorabilia will hit the highest peaks, and we can’t wait for this to happen.

The Lakers are getting ready for their upcoming season. LeBron will play with Anthony Davis, Dennis Schroder, Marc Gasol, Montrezl Harrell, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Wesley Matthews, Kyle Kuzma, Markieff Morris and other talented players. It’s showtime!