JaVale McGee Drops Hint About His Future at Los Angeles Lakers

JaVale McGee has dropped a hint about his future with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are coming off of a big playoff run in Orlando. It was very impressive to see them play so well and as a team. There were many questions on whether LeBron James and Anthony Davis would mesh together.

But as we saw, this was no problem. Too bad, though, that their first year had to be such a weird one. The NBA had to postpone the season right in the middle for several months. They then restarted in a bubble. The Lakers stayed there for nearly 4 months.

“I am here for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to compete for a championship,” James said. “That was my mindset once I entered the bubble, once I entered the quarantine process the first two days. And then right from my first practice my mindset was to, if I’m going to be here, make the most of it and see what you can do and lock in on what the main thing is. And the main thing was for us to finish the season and compete for a championship.

“So that’s just been my mindset throughout these — I don’t even know how many days it is, whatever how many days it is, it feels like five years so it really doesn’t matter. I’ve been as locked in as I’ve ever been in my career.”

JaVale McGee Drops Hint About His Future at Los Angeles Lakers

Now the Lakers are looking ahead to next season. Obviously, the first thing they need to do is get Anthony Davis to stay. But he is not the only one on the team. JaVale McGee was also a question mark. Jack Flemming of the LA Times had some interesting things to say.

“It’s been a great month for JaVale McGee. Just a few days after winning an NBA championship with the Lakers, the big man has sold his Encino home of five years for $2.49 million,” wrote Jack.

What does this mean for the big man? Is he on his way out? Obviously we will have to wait and see what happens. But selling your home is not a sign of staying put.