Lakers Interested in Trading Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green For Spurs Star

The Los Angeles Lakers will be super busy this season. The team has just won a championship, and the front office will try to add a third All-Star. LeBron James and Anthony Davis led the team, and they could really use an extra pair of hands in the upcoming season. Kevin O’Connor from The Ringer reported that the Lakers will probably be trading for San Antonio Spurs star DeMar DeRozan.

This means that the Lakers would give up on Kyle Kuzma and Danny Green.

Seeing Kuzma go doesn’t come as a surprise to NBA fans. He hopes for a bigger contract extension with the Lakers, and the team may not be interested in giving him one. LA brought Green in the locker room in 2019 due to his superior 3-point shooting numbers. The veteran didn’t pull out some great numbers, and Lakers fans made jokes on him.

The Lakers could add DeRozan. But he shot 25.7 percent from beyond the arc in 2019 on just 0.5 attempts per game. In 2018, DeRozan stood at 15.6 percent on 0.6 triples per game. DeRozam stopped taking 3-pointers from the very first moment he signed with the Spurs. He is pretty dominant with his mid-range abilities along with his drives to the basket. This makes us think of Davis and King James.

Lakers front office interested in trading for the Spurs star?

DeRozan would give the Lakers star-level performance. He can make plays for himself and other players off the dribble. If LA moves for the superstar, they will probably try to give their stars more shooting.

The veteran has a $27.7 million player option for 2020-21, and the Spurs are expected to rebuild their roster this offseason. Trading DeRozan away makes perfect sense for NBA analysts. LA needs a third superstar, and DeRozan is one of the best options for the team. Let’s see what happens in the next few months. LeBron and Davis would love to earn another ring. The Lakers won their first title since 2010. It’s time for another championship win.