LeBron James Destroys a Heckler ‘I Hope That Ain’t Your Girl Next…’

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is a really patient man, but he would destroy a heckler every they test his patience. The four-time NBA champion takes jokes with ease. This doesn’t mean he will let people walk all over his body. Yes, LeBron is a cool guy and everyone likes him. This doesn’t apply to hecklers who build their ego by trashing him.

LeBron has won four titles and too many awards, and some people still deny his success. He has earned an army of haters throughout his career. These are usually diehard fans of other teams. LeBron’s army of fans is even greater. People like his style and praise his ability to win games with ease. LeBron has been carrying teams on his back for years. He has been part of the NBA for 17 years. He will enter another season, hoping to win his fifth ring.

LeBron James won’t take a hit from a hateful heckler

Let’s go back to all the doubters out there. These people use every opportunity to attack him. LeBron never misses a chance to fire back. His responses are pretty hilarious. It’s the ultimate burn!

NBA fans got the chance to watch a video from LeBron’s time with the Cleveland Cavaliers. From what we can see, he is not someone you’d love to mess with. Moreover, the king himself will make you swallow your words. Metaphorically. One heckler learned this the hard way.

This person decided to tease LeBron during a game between his Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls. He mentioned the words “crying” and “hairline.” Oh, he didn’t even know that LeBron would make him embarrassed by his trash talk.

“Fan: When you gonna stop crying?

LeBron: Shut up.

Fan: Where your hairline at? You lost Kyrie, you lost D-Rose. You can’t keep a point guard for your life.

LeBron: I hope that ain’t your girl next to you because she’s filming me. Bum.”

The person learned the lesson and the trash-talking stopped. This was a good exchange though and it will help LeBron keep haters under control.