LeBron James Looks Better Than Before as He Shows His Insane Workout Routine

LeBron James has won four titles and four NBA Finals awards thanks to his incredible workout routine. The king of basketball led the Los Angeles Lakers to the first championship win in a decade. His performance inside the bubble was impressive, and LeBron is ready to replicate his performance.

Age has nothing on the kid from Akron. LeBron is 35, and he will turn 36 in December. He hasn’t shown any signs of aging and many believe that this is his prime. Will LeBron slow down?

There’s no stopping now. LeBron works extra hard throughout the entire year. Offseason? He doesn’t mind any of that. LeBron works out every day. He worked out on Thanksgiving Day. Yes, there are videos of his workouts. The greatest of all time is not wasting his time. No days off!

LeBron James has a crazy workout routine

Being on the top of the world is a priority for LeBron. His childhood was hard and LeBron had one goal. To be successful. Here he is today, living his best life and playing his best basketball. LeBron is successful in every aspect of life. He is brilliant on and off the basketball court.

When it comes to basketball courts, LeBron is a real king. He is coming off of an MVP season, averaging 25.3 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 10.2 assists per game with the team. He was brilliant in the postseason and ended up winning his fourth MVP Finals award.

Last season, LA was considered one of the favorites to snatch the championship win. Players did their best to defeat every team on their way to the top. LeBron and his teammates joined forces for one simple goal. It was a big goal and the sacrifice sure paid off.

This season, the Lakers will work with a different roster. LeBron and Anthony Davis will stay on the top, followed by a group of talented players, including both veterans and young talents. Lakers GM Rob Pelinka signed a handful of talented players, including Pau Gasol’s brother, Marc. Snatching Montrezl Harrell was one of the best decisions the Lakers front office made this offseason.