Patriots’ Cam Newton Destroys Haters With Harsh Message

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton has been dealing with too many haters in the past couple of years. Does he care about it? Of course not.

No one is perfect and Newton knows it really well. He is pretty humble, but haters won’t stop teasing him. They either take a shot at his performance or trash his fashion choices. Newton doesn’t mind any of that.

In his video conference with media members, the quarterback talked about his way of handling criticism and insults.

“It didn’t take me long in the NFL til I found that out,” the 2015 NFL MVP said. “I didn’t understand why people would make so much of a deal that I didn’t like to lose. I still don’t like to lose. I learned very quickly that no matter what and who you are, or what you do, people are going to say something about it. … As far as my G.A.F. meter, it’s really low when it comes to people who really don’t know me. I just make sure that I use my platform in a positive way and make sure that I am always holding myself to a high standard first and then everything else is pretty much things that I can control.”

Cam Newton teaches haters a lesson

This is actually a good approach and we should all adopt it. Newton has been working on himself for years and he has made some serious changes.

“I have to always be conscientious about my thoughts and what I say, how I act because life goes on. As I mature as an adult, as I mature as a father, as I mature as a son, as I mature as a brother, as I mature as a teammate and the best player that I can possibly be, you start understanding certain situations and eliminating bad mistakes.”

Haters may not want to admit, but Newton is back on the track again. His coronavirus test returned positive in October, and this struggle may have affected his performance. But, Newton is doing a good job and he leads the league in completion percentage in the past couple of weeks. From what we can see, the Patriots have a great chance to defeat the Houston Texans in Week 11. This win would push the team to .500. More than impressive, right?