Phil Handy Reveals Major Similarity Between LeBron James And Kobe Bryant

Phil Handy reveals a major similarity between LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. LeBron James and the Lakers are officially NBA champions after beating the Miami Heat in 6 games. This year playoffs looked a bit different than most years. The NBA had to postpone their season in the middle of the year due to the COVID situation.

They then restarted but in a bubble format that was hard to deal with for all of the players. But it was even harder to deal with for the players that had to stay there for a long time. LeBron talked about this.

“I am here for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to compete for a championship,” James said. “And that was my mindset once I entered the bubble, once I entered the quarantine process the first two days. And then right from my first practice my mindset was to, if I’m going to be here, make the most of it and see what you can do and lock in on what the main thing is. And the main thing was for us to finish the season and compete for a championship.

“So that’s just been my mindset throughout these — I don’t even know how many days it is, whatever how many days it is, it feels like five years so it really doesn’t matter. I’ve been as locked in as I’ve ever been in my career.”

Phil Handy Reveals Major Similarity Between LeBron James And Kobe Bryant

But now that the playoffs are over, there are other stories coming out. One of those is from Phil Handy. He talked about the similarity between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

“Everybody knows Kob and ‘Bron are different guys, personality-wise,” Handy said. “But their work ethic, and their approach to the game, is identical. The way they study their opponents. The way that they break down their own games. The way that they take care of their bodies off the floor. Just the time spent in terms of wanting to be at the top and wanting to compete, they’re exactly the same in that regard.

“There are so many similarities in just their Alpha mentality, their competitive spirit, and then their confidence. Like, people always question ‘Bron sometimes for whatever decisions he makes, but he’s always been a guy that’s tried to make the right basketball play. (But) being confident? His confidence? His, being around him and Kob, there’s no lack of confidence from either one of those dudes, on anything they can’t do on the floor.”

Do you agree with what he said?