Photo: The Moment When Kobe Bryant Revealed Maradona Is His Idol

Kobe Bryant is the idol of many young players, and Diego Maradona was his idol. Both legends had nothing but respect for each other. Kobe lost his life in a tragic accident earlier this year, and the Argentine legend died this month after suffering cardiac arrest. Maradona inspired a lot of soccer players, and even the Black Mamba looked up to him. They didn’t share the same arena, but they did share the same passion.

The Black Mamba grew up in Italy. Maradona was the best player across the globe back then. He was part of the Italian club Napoli. His performance was so impressing and young Kobe couldn’t hide his excitement.

“Maradona is my idol,” Kobe said a few years ago. “I love Maradona. When I was young in Italy, I used to always watch Maradona when he played for Napoli.”

In that period, Maradona led his Napoli to two Serie A titles. These are the only triumphs in the team’s history. Great Maradona led Napoli to the only UEFA Cup win in the 1988-89 season. The legend retired as the all-time top goalscorer, and this record was broken in 2017.

Kobe Bryant respected Diego Maradona, called him “idol”

Maradona’s great success happened in 1986. He led Argentina to the first and only World Cup win. This great victory earned him a spot in history books. He will be remembered as one of the best players to ever play soccer.

Kobe respected Maradona and the soccer legend also respected him. When the Black Mamba died in January, Maradona took to Instagram to pay tribute to the Lakers icon. He delivered an emotional message for the great Kobe.

“All the good ones leave. I also regret the death of your daughter and the helicopter crew. Goodbye, legend.”

In one of his interviews, Kobe shared the story that impressed him as a kid. It was the time when he first met Maradona at the Olympics. Kobe even asked for a picture and autograph. It was so emotional and important for him, that he hung the photo in his office. Legends recognize legends.