Predicting Frank Vogel’s Starting Lineup For Lakers Upcoming Season

The Los Angeles Lakers will have to play smart with the starting lineup this season. Head coach Frank Vogel will be in charge of a new, deeper team of talents. Vogel has 10 first-rate players on the team. He can make some wise choices regarding the starting lineup.

Pretty much every coach is trying to find a balance on both ends of the ball. NBA teams always tend to have scorers on the floor. In 2019-20, the Lakers had to deal with this problem in multiple occasions.

The starting lineup doesn’t always have the best five players of the team. Some teams bring a couple of stars off the bench. Will Vogel do this with his starting five in 2020-21?

LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope will probably join the Lakers starting lineup in December, accompanied by Wesley Matthews and Marc Gasol.

How will Dennis Schroder handle this?

Here are some predictions about the team’s future moves.

Matthews and Gasol will replace Danny Green and JaVale McGee or probably Dwight Howard.

This starting lineup gives the team’s early offense to focus on LeBron and Davis. KCP, Matthews, and Gasol are able of hitting open threes. Opponents will be hard-pressed to slow down this lineup.

The best starting lineup goes to LA Lakers

On the other side of the ball, LA would use two of its best perimeter defenders. KCP and Matthews are the best wings. Gasol is an amazing post defender, and he will be in charge of the opposing center.

Schroder will enter the game late in the first half. This will probably make him the sixth man. He has been really strong in four of the last six years.

Schroder, Alex Caruso and Montrezl Harrell will give the team enough energy. Kyle Kuzma and Markieff Morris will push the Lakers to the top.

Why wouldn’t Harrell start games? Gasol is a better choice. March has outside shooting ability and this will pull his opposing big player away from the hoop. LeBron and Davis will be able to take advantage of the “unclogged paint.”