Report: Lakers Likely to Steer Clear of Trade for Former NBA MVP

The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to trade for a third superstar this offseason. Rob Pelinka will try to get another elite player on the roster. LeBron James and Anthony Davis work really well on the floor and they helped the team win a title. But, LA needs another superstar. The NBA would be packed with competitiveness in 2020-21, and LA has to get ready for that.

The Lakers have been linked with Houston point guard Russell Westbrook. However, the team probably doesn’t have enough salary cap to get him. Moreover, they may not even want to get him. The Houston Rockets aren’t an easy team to deal with.

The Oklahoma City Thunder traded Westbrook in 2019. He has shown interest in leaving the Rockets.

Houston won’t give the Lakers a chance to trade for Westbrook

League sources reveal that the Lakers will probably avoid Westbrook.

“Russ has not been great for chemistry in every place he has been,” one general manager told “He is a good guy in the locker room and other players love him but on the floor, he is going to put an end to your playbook. He is going to dominate your offense in a way your coaches and other players are not going to like. There are some teams that will want to get involved but the Lakers would not be one.”

LA may pass former NBA MVP, but the Knicks would love to get him. The same applies to both the Clippers and Hornets.

Seeing Westbrook in LA makes a perfect sense. He went to UCLA and averaged 27.2 points per game with the Rockets this past season.

If he joins the Lakers, Westbrook will be the No.3 star on the roster. He would never accept that role. He would definitely have a hard time co-existing with two superstars.

Westbrook is set to make $41 million next season. LA would have to match this contract. Things would become a lot easier if the deal involves a third team.

The Lakers met Houston in the second round of the playoffs. The Rockets would never send Westbrook to LA. Simple as that. They’d never make things easier for their conference rivals.