Stephon Gilmore Addresses After Not Being Traded at Deadline Despite Rumors

New England Patriots veteran Stephon Gilmore took notice of the rumors about his trade. The team didn’t trade him this time. This goes against pretty much every rumor about Gilmore’s potential trade. It looks like head coach Bill Belichick and his team won’t move Gilmore this season. The veteran cornerback has had great success with the team and they won’t lose him this time. What does Gilmore say about this?

The veteran made some comments about the rumors. From what we can see, he wasn’t really worried throughout the trade deadline. Gilmore had no thoughts really, adding that he was happy and blessed.

Gilmore’s coronavirus test returned positive, but he feels great right now. There’s “no difference” and Gilmore is ready to see some action.

Stephon Gilmore addressed his trade rumors

Coming into 2020, Patriots players knew it was going to be a tough season with Tom Brady signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He wasn’t the only player to leave the team. Many others left in free agency and some decided to opt-out of the regular season. Cam Newton signed with the team and he showed promise at the beginning of the regular season. But the Patriots lost four straight games and their 2-5 record doesn’t really look well right now.

The Patriots will need a miracle to get out of the mess. Head coach Bill Belichick plans to make some changes. NFL analysts thought the Patriots would become buyers at the trade deadline, suggesting that New England uses Gilmore to get a few other players.

Tuesday’s reports revealed that the Patriots will ask a first-round pick and more in exchange for Gilmore. The Defensive Player of the Year is a valuable player, but the Patriots may be asking too much.  That’s what some people say. Gilmore is 30 and has a $17.1 million cap hit in 2021.

In the past several games, Gilmore has hit 20 tackles, an interception, and a forced fumble in six starts. He had COVID-19, and that’s not the only problem he had this season. At the moment, Gilmore deals with a knee injury. The same injury kept him on the sideline in Week 8.