Vegan Cam Newton Shares Family’s ‘Alternative’ Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and NFL players look forward to all the great festivities and their tasty dinner. A perfectly roasted turkey with some mouth-watering stuffing is always a good idea, right? Well, not for vegan Cam Newton.

The Patriots starting quarterback introduced major changes to his diet. He is a vegan now, and he is pretty serious about it. When it comes to Thanksgiving, Newton will have the perfect alternative meals on his table.

During his appearance on the Greg Hill Morning Show, Newton talked about his Thanksgiving food. No turkey, of course.

“There will be some alternative meals, for sure,” he said. “My children and family will be coming up so I’m excited about that. But everything that you probably have for your Thanksgiving I can still probably have outside of like turkey… You got stuffing. You’ve got collard greens. You know, my family is kind of Geechie when it comes to having rice with everything. My family does a great red rice with sausage. You can transfer that with either Beyond or Impossible Meat. Mac and cheese, [I’ve also] found a way to do that too.”

Newton is pretty vocal about his vegan diet. He showed up in a video campaign titled “Build Like a Vegan.” It was made for PETA earlier this year.

Going vegan is a good thing for Newton. It changed the way his body reacts to food. He performs better and his current team uses that extra power.

Newton and the New England Patriots have a bad season and they sit outside the playoff picture at the moment. But, Newton is pretty positive about his contribution to the team, and his teammates better use this as motivation. Head coach Bill Belichick signed him for a reason. If New England does well, the team may give Newton a better deal next offseason. Maybe his vegan diet will keep him going even stronger against his opponents on the field.