Watch: Bronny James Got Friend-Zoned by Instagram Model

Bronny James may not be such a heartbreaker after all and this Instagram model has just put him in the friend zone. His Instagram followers went crazy!

The talented basketball player seems to be enjoying every bit of his fame. He has stolen the spotlight and his famous father doesn’t mind any of that.

Bronny took a shot at a gorgeous Instagram model. Now we have the girl sharing her take on their relationship. If there is such a thing. The girl did an Instagram live for her followers, and many of the questions were related to the younger James.

According to her, Bronny is just a friend. Oh, guess who was just put in the friend zone…

Bronny attends the Sierra Canyon School. He is definitely a bright star on the basketball court. From what we can hear, Bronny has been receiving offers from prime basketball colleges. The offers started coming when he was just 10.

Bronny James may impress the Instagram model with his cool shots

A few days ago, Bronny surprised his fans with an amazing buzzer-beater. His 3-pointer is amazing, and Bronny was playing against a Nevada high school. This shot reminds us of the cool shots his father had back in the days. LeBron is a talented player, and his son got the cool basketball genes from him. You can tell that by the way he hits the rim. The kid is amazing and his father is more than proud of him.

On one occasion, LeBron said he wants to share the same basketball court with his son. They may play on two opposing teams and compete against each other. That would be something you don’t want to miss. Imagine both LeBron and Bronny going against each other on the shiny basketball court. The king against his son. The young soul against the greatest of all time.

To do this, LeBron would have to play a few more seasons. He will celebrate his birthday in December, but the king seems to be fine with his age. He plays his best basketball and he has just won a basketball ring. Let’s not forget that LeBron also won the Finals MVP award. Hopefully, his son will follow the same footsteps.