Watch: James White Runs to The End Zone For a 7-Yard Touchdown

The New England Patriots enter their game against the Arizona Cardinals with little to no hope to win the game. James White is here to find the end zone and surprise fans with a touchdown.

New England lost the game against the Houston Texans and this shot down every hope fans had to see the Patriots make the playoffs. Things don’t look really easy for the team, and head coach Bill Belichick and his team will have to try hard and win each of the remaining games of the season.

NFL experts made predictions on the final outcome of the game. Most of them predicted a win for Arizona.

ESPN’s Mike Reiss goes with a win for the Patriots. Arizona leads the league in accepted penalties and the Patriots have the fewest in the NFL. New England is coming off a seven-penalty game in the loss to Houston. This may be a clear sign that things go in the wrong direction for players.

Gregg Rosenthal shares the same opinion. The Patriots played against Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, and Deshaun Watson. Coach Belichick will probably put an end to his tour of the “Quarterback Revolution.” The Patriots front seven may not have enough capacity to confront Kyler Murray and players like him. Their rivals are supported by a dynamic running game.

James White has to hit another touchdown

Veteran quarterback Cam Newton plays well enough to succeed in games, but he may not be able to survive a defense ranked 25th in EPA and last in DVOA.

Pete Prisco recalled the Cardinals’ loss to Seattle. It was a bad week for the team. However, the Patriots have problems with their defense this season. Kyler Murray plays a big role here.

Mke Florio was disappointed with the fact that the Patriots couldn’t stop Deshaun Watson. They may not be able to stop Murray, too. Michael Davis Smith predicts a win for the Cardinals. According to him, the team has no chance of slowing down Kyler Murray and his teammates.