Watch: Marc Gasol Addresses on Possibility of Pau Gasol Returning to LA

Marc Gasol will play with the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2020-21 NBA season. There’s a really big chance for his brother Pau Gasol to consider joining LA. General Manager Rob Pelinka signed the All-Star big man in order to add depth to the roster. NBA fans started talking about Marc’s potential reunion with his brother Pau. Marc said it would be great if his older brother played one final season in Los Angeles. The great Pau Gasol may be returning to the Lakers after all.

“I’m not a very social media guy, but I know Pau loves L.A. and loves the Lakers,” Marc said. “Obviously he feels like it’s home, so I’m sure that he would love to come back, but that’s a question for Rob and ownership.”

Pau added fuel to the rumors. He said it would be great to retire as a Lakers player. The big man also liked a tweet related to this possibility. His recent workout video attracted everyone’s attention. Is Pau returning to the Lakers?

The Lakers haven’t really said anything about this. Gasol is 49 and he last played with the Portland Trail Blazers. Portland signed the veteran in July 2019, but he suffered too many injuries. The franchise decided to waive Gasol a month into the season. Gasol hasn’t signed with any franchise since then and still recovers from his injury.

Pau Gasol may be returning to the Lakers

LA may give Gasol a chance to retire as a Laker. They may want to give him a deal and a roster spot. But this possibility doesn’t seem practical at this point of the season. But, the Lakers can sign Pau to a ceremonial deal for a day so he can retire with the team.

Let’s see how will the Lakers handle this thing. Pau is a brilliant player and he had great contribution to the team. He and late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant turned the Lakers into champions. Gasol was a brilliant player for the team, and the Lakers would love to have him back. Will LA have Gasol back on the roster? His brother would love to play with him. That’s a sure bet.