Watch: Video of Cam Newton Will Fire Up Patriots Fans For Cardinals Game

Veteran quarterback Cam Newton and his teammates won’t give up without a good fight and Patriots fans love that. The New England Patriots are playing against the Arizona Cardinals at Gillette Stadium. The team is coming off of a loss to the Houston Texans. Newton is one of the best running signal-callers in the regular season. His running game may not be the best solution for Kyler Murray.

Murray leads the quarterbacks with his 619 yards on the ground. His 10 rushing touchdowns rank third in the NFL among all offensive names.

Cam Newton has a big surprise for his Patriots fans

Patriots fans may not need additional firing up for the game against Arizona. If you still need a hype video, maybe Newton’s production company can do the thing for you. Patriots fans will really love this.

Newton is in line for a big game against the Cardinals. He made a statement with his pregame outfit. Newton showed up at Gillette Stadium rocking another unusual outfit. Maybe these outfits bring him luck during games.

Patriots veteran James White found the end zone for a touchdown, and his teammates try to take a lead in the game.

Newton has had some struggles throughout the season, and his struggle with COVID-19 made things a lot worse. He has had some bright moments throughout the season, giving head coach Bill Belichick a reason to re-sign him again. But, NFL analysts are worried about his struggles and the inability to get the best of his game. New England signed Newton to win games, but they sit well outside the playoff picture. Newton joined the team to prove doubters wrong. From what we can see, he seems to be giving haters a reason to talk even more.

There’s still hope for the Patriots to win games this season. They have to win every game on the schedule in order to make the top of the league.

Let’s see how will Newton handle the rest of the season. If his performance improves, the Patriots may re-sign him to another deal. We can’t really make any comments on his future with the Patriots.