Bill Belichick Addresses On Possibility of Matt Patricia Reunion

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick may reunite with Matt Patricia and Bill O’Brien. Belichick is the best coach in league history, and he has been working with great coaches. Some of these coaches have left his side in an effort to develop great careers. Both O’Brien and Patricia were released by their respective teams. The Houston Texans fired O’Brien in early October and Patricia lost his job in Detroit this past weekend.

These moves will definitely sparkle speculation. Will any of these coaches reunite with Belichick?

Josh McDaniels is an offensive coordinator with the Patriots. He is in his second stint at this position. The Patriots brought him back one season before after losing his position at the St. Louis Rams’ offensive play-caller. McDaniels became a consultant to then-coordinator Bill O’Brien and took the empty spot once O’Brien left for Penn State.

Bill Belichick may not reunite with Matt Patricia

What will Belichick say about this?

“Right now we’re really focused on correcting the mistakes from the Arizona game and moving on to the Chargers,” he said during his appearance on WEEI’s Ordway, Merloni & Fauria show on Monday. “It will be a big challenge for us out there and then a short week out there with the Rams. That’s really where my focus has been in the last few hours since the end of the Arizona game. A lot of other things to talk about at some point. But I’d say, right now, this is at the doorstep.”

New England hasn’t made a decision regarding the defensive play-caller. Brian Flores was in charge of this position in 2018 but left the team to join the Miami Dolphins as their new coach. Steve Belichick took over this role and Belichick talked about this on Monday.

“Collectively as a staff, I think our defensive coaches really work well together,” he said. “They all have a lot of responsibility. They all have a lot of input. They’ve done a good job since Matt left, certainly in ‘18 and ‘19. This year has had some challenges, but I think from a coaching standpoint the defensive coaches have done a good job.”

The Patriots are pretty packed right now, and bringing Patricia back in the organization is not really a possibility. Belichick likes his current assistants and that’s the only thing that matters right now.