Cam Newton Speaks About Julian Edelman Potential Return

New England Patriots veteran quarterback Cam Newton definitely misses his injured teammates. Veteran wideout Julian Edelman is one of them, and Newton is looking forward to his return. Well, we will definitely need a codebreaker to understand his message.

We don’t know if the Patriots will activate Edelman this weekend. Will he join his teammates in the game against the Miami Dolphins? Newton won’t really answer that question.

The Patriots quarterback learned a lot from his head coach. Bill Belichick is a man of a few words, and he doesn’t really reveal many details about his next move. Newton accepted Belichick’s method. You can tell that by the way he answered Mike Reiss’ questions.

Q: Cam, have you been able to get back on Highway 11 the last couple of days, and what has it been like to be back on that road?

A: Well (laughs), as you know, I can’t speak about those roads. And I’ll just keep it at that. I did pass the road. Yeah, it’s just, yeah, for what it’s worth.

Q: Still a nice scenic view out there on Highway 11?

A: You never know. I’ve learned here quickly the less you say, the better. I’ll keep it at that.


Julian Edelman to return to the game

Edelman joined his teammates for practice Wednesday. It was his first practice since New England placed him on injured reserve due to a knee injury. Edelman was also added to the Patriots’ covid list. The Patriots were free to activate Edelman but they didn’t add him to the active roster. The team has to make a final decision by Saturday at 4 p.m. New England has a full roster and they will have to make some calculations in order to bring Edelman in the game.

It’s a rather disappointing season for the Patriots. They have a 6-7 record and experts are not really optimists. But, things can change overnight, and New England can take the last chance to make the playoffs. It all depends on other NFL teams and their records.