Former No. 2 Pick Linked to Patriots as Potential Answer at Quarterback in 2021

The 2020 NFL season is almost over for the New England Patriots. They have a 6-7 record at this point of the season and NFL critics blame veteran Cam Newton for the disappointing season. Will Patriots head coach Bill Belichick go after another quarterback in the 2021 NFL season? Maybe the Patriots will take a chance on another veteran quarterback in the offseason?

Experts have linked Belichick’s team and the Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Marcus Mariota. Well, we have split opinion on this one.

WEEI’s OMF did a poll on Twitter in order to determine whether Patriots fans like the idea of seeing Mariota in New England.

Over 50% of all fans who took the pall don’t approve this possibility. Michael Lombardi has something else to say on this one.

The former Cleveland Browns general manager and assistant to the Patriots’ coaching staff likes Mariota and his skill set.

Patriots to get another quarterback in 2021

Lombardi went on OMF to talk about several important topics, including Mariota’s arrival in New England. The discussion also included Jameis Winston from the New Orleans Saints and Mitchell Trubisky from the Chicago Bears. Lombardi was the most intrigued by one particular option.

This attitude is linked to what he saw from the signal-caller in relief duty of the Raiders’ Derek Carr on Thursday night. Carr suffered an injury in the loss to LA. Mariota had a great game on the field, and Lombardi is definitely impressed with him.

Mariota didn’t have any reps with the first team but he completed 17 of 28 passes for 226 yards, a touchdown, and an interception. His mobility is still here.

Mariota led the team in rushing with 88 yards on the ground, including a touchdown. The Tennessee Titans hoped to see more of this when they drafted the player No.2 overall in the 2015 NFL Draft, right behind Winston.

The talented player spent his first five seasons with the Titans. He had two great years. In his rookie campaign, Mariots had 19 touchdown passes with 10 interceptions and had a 91.5 rating. His sophomore season was better.

But, the team benched him for Ryan Tannehill.