Kendrick Perkins Reveals Why Kyrie Irving Was Jealous Of LeBron James

The thing between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. They won a title in 2016, giving the Cleveland Cavaliers their first championship win in team history. Irving was far from happy with his status in the franchise and requested a trade. LeBron left the Cavs in 2010, and many thought that he would step in as a replacement for the king. But, LeBron returned to Cleveland and Irving decided to leave. They did win a championship, but Irving wanted to go. Was Kyrie Irving jealous of LeBron?

This time he took another shot at LeBron. He said that Kevin Durant was the only player he could trust with taking the last shot of the game. That’s when everyone started talking about his relationship with LeBron.

Kendrick Perkins has played with both LeBron and Irving. He talked about the beginnings of this “feud,” adding that Irving was “seemingly” jealous of the four-time NBA champion. Perkins appeared on The Ringer NBA Show to talk about this.

“Kyrie didn’t really like the little brother thing. Little brothers grow up to be big brothers too. LeBron was doing what you’re supposed to do for someone who hasn’t seen the mountaintop yet but has the ability to be a mountaintop player on his own team. He was just showing him the way. Trying to give him answers to the test,” he said. “But Kyrie didn’t love the fact that he was the younger brother in that scenario. It was cool for a minute, and then he didn’t want it anymore.”

Was Kyrie Irving jealous of LeBron?

Irving joined the Boston Celtics and his tenure was full of controversies. As if this wasn’t enough, Irving ended up playing with Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets.

LeBron took notice of the comments Irving made and said he was hurt. Oh, yes, he had the perfect response to Irving’s comments. The Lakers superstar said his current Lakers teammate, Anthony Davis, is much better than Irving. We believe someone won’t like any of this. We can’t wait to see Irving respond to this.

When it comes to LeBron’s Lakers team, they are getting ready to win back-to-back titles.