Lakers Legend Magic Johnson Brutally Trolls Clippers for Historic Loss

Los Angeles Lakers icon Magic Johnson is not really convinced that the Clippers would have great game this season. In fact, great Magic Johnson trolls the Clippers for their failure. Kawhi Leonard and his teammates started off the year with great wins against the Lakers and Denver Nuggets. NBA experts predicted a good season for the Clippers, but this was actually a bad prediction. Putting too much stock into their games is the last thing fans should do right now. The Dallas Mavericks shut down the team and the Clippers lost by 51 points. This is the biggest lost in team history. How about that?

Magic Johnson trolls the Clippers

Magic Johnson was following the game and he definitely took a shot at the Clippers for their terrible performance.

Clippers players had a really bad day. Their season didn’t go in the right direction. That’s more than great news for LeBron James and his Lakers teammates.

Kawhi’s team defeated the reigning champions. Pundits started talking great stuff about the team. Things didn’t go the way Clippers players wanted them to go. The season has just started and Lakers players will do the impossible to defend the title.

LA Lakers and Miami Heat players had the shortest offseason in NBA history. They didn’t have much time to prepare for the upcoming season. Fans had great time poking fun at the Clippers. They lost to Dallas, but this doesn’t mean that they are a bad team. The team has a new head coach and the front office added a bunch of new players to the roster. Maybe newly-added players need more time to get ready for the upcoming challenge. We can’t really imagine that Kawhi and his team would smash LeBron and his guys. That’s almost impossible.

Lakers players have a good roster. LeBron and Anthony Davis signed their contract extensions and this gives both players a better motivation to finish the season with a win.

LeBron tweaked the same ankle twice. According to him, there’s no need to worry.

“It’s been better, but it feels pretty good obviously,” LeBron said of his ankle on Sunday. “Tomorrow, once I go to sleep or lay down, will be the telltale sign of how good or how not good it is. So, I don’t want to say I’m looking forward to that. But, we’ll see tomorrow.”