LeBron James 36th Birthday Net Worth, Family Life, NBA Career Highlights

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is celebrating his 36th birthday on Wednesday and the team is expected to surprise the king of basketball. LeBron is the best basketball player to ever hit the court. He has won a title with three different teams. He has also won an NBA Finals MVP award on each occasion. LeBron has two titles with the Miami Heat and one with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He helped the Lakers win the first title in a decade. His doubters can’t ignore this.

LeBron is celebrating his birthday and NBA experts are now focused on his net worth and accomplishments.

King James will have to celebrate his birthday on the road. Lakers players are on their way to meet the San Antonio Spurs for the fifth game on their schedule. But, some experts believe that LeBron has already received his birthday greeting during the game against the Portland Trail Blazers. Yes, LA probably celebrated the king’s birthday before his road-trip.

Celebrity Net Worth reports that LeBron’s net worth goes around $500 million. In June 2016 and 2017, LeBron earned $86 million from his game. He added $85.5 million in June 2018. The king kept adding numbers to his net worth and he won’t even stop here.

LA Lakers honored LeBron James and his birthday

Earlier this month, King James signed a two-year contract extension with the Lakers. He will get $85 million and a player option. Let’s not forget that LeBron earns $55 million per season from his endorsement deals.

The 16-time All-Star has the record for the most points in the history of playoffs. Doubters can’t ignore his 7,491 points.

LeBron enjoys full support from his loved ones. His high school sweetheart is here to make his day even better. His kids follow his success and the king won’t stop here. He promised to win titles with the Lakers and the support he gets from his family means a lot to him.

LA players lost two games in the regular season and these two losses will motivate them to try harder in their upcoming games.